Since 2011, our family has successfully published POSE Magazine, Your Womenpreneurs’ Guide to Success (previously the plus lifestyle magazine). The publication was birthed to provide a platform for folks like us: solopreneurs, the “underdogs,” and the “game-changers” who weren’t getting much exposure. Over the years, we were asked if we would publish independent literary works and cds/albums, but for us it just wasn’t time yet. (Back then, we wanted a few more years of experience.) In 2014, we published ELIAH’s self-titled album alongside a full marketing plan, listening party and sold-out concert. By the following year, we were releasing the book, “Get on the 7 Streams Team” by Tip Jones and had plans of publishing half of a dozen new titles by the close of 2016.

The time has come…

Named after our maternal grandmothers, Ganny (Tip’s grandmother) and Grandma Pie (Eliah’s grandmother), Ganny Pie Media & Publishing was officially established in 2015. 

Ganny Pie’s Mission

In the spirit of the teachings garnered from our Grandmas, we built our independent publishing company on accountability, integrity, support, value, attentiveness, and making each client feel extra special (the way Ganny and Grandma Pie always made us feel). Ganny Pie’s mission is to support and assist independent authors, musicians, and artists with the successful release of their “labors of love.”